Aluminium Bottles adds style and class to a product and has excellent light block abilities. The aluminium is EPA lined and therefore will not come into contact with your products, ensuring no reaction takes place. Aluminium offers excellent recyclable, being an endless resource to recycle.

Aluminium Bottles can be used for cosmetic creams, waxes, face masks, exfoliates as well as a wide variety of other non aromatherapy uses. We have clients using aluminium bottles for car and household cleaning products, storing high value liquids and even using them to store fuel samples.

We take pride in Aluminium Bottles innovation. Our Aluminium Bottles and closures reflect our years experience in developing leading edge quality with closure solutions. Australian Made Drink Bottles are perspicaciously conscious of the benefits of healthy drinking Aluminium Bottlesin at home and at work.Visit our website and read offers and we also provide you the option to choose your own Aluminium bottle.

Australian Made Drink Bottles are a leading supplier of quality Drink Bottles, Plastic Drink Bottles, Steel Drink Bottles and Sport bottles.

Please see below pricing for Quality Aluminium Drink Bottles.
Note these bottles are an imported product though we stock them and print in-house as requested

Please see below pricing for Imported Aluminium Drink Bottle including x 1 Colour wrap Print.
Please contact our friendly staff on 1300 782 029 or if you require pricing on additional colour prints

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